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VR Portion of Idaho’s Combined State Plan for Program Year 2022-2023

Two options to view the State Plan:

Option 1: Web-based tool to sort and view plans by section. 

  1. Under the Plan Content Header at top of  page expand the Section VI. Program-Specific Requirements for Core Programs by clicking the + (or anywhere on the grey bar) to expand the section.
  2. To find the VR specific potion, select CTRL+F. Type “requirements for vocational” to locate Vocational Rehabilitation’s  section of the plan.”
  3. Expand any sections of interest.

Option 2: Download  PDF

  1. Open website to ‘Download Plan’
  2. Open downloaded PDF in Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Viewer
    1. Scroll to the table of contents on page 2 and click “Program-Specific Requirements for Vocational Rehabilitation (Combined or General) ….. 182” or open bookmarks icon to navigate.


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