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Services for Employers

Employment Recruitment
We can help with recruiting qualified applicants for jobs you need to fill.

Training & Education

Disability Awareness Training
Check out our Disability Awareness toolkit. This is training that can educate and inform your staff to become an inclusive workplace.

On-The-Job Training
Another employer resource is on-the-job training. This helps defray the cost of hiring a new employee training.

Our Successes!

IDVR helps Idahoans with disabilities take their place in the workforce and in the community. These featured successes highlight a few stories of our job seekers and employers who tell their unique career journeys, in their own voices.

VR Success Stories

Employer Request for Assistance

Employers who would like assistance with meeting their business needs can submit a request.


Jobs in Idaho

If you are in employer in Idaho and would like to have your jobs website posted to the IDVR website please contact Mikayla.Monaghan.

IDVR Public Service Announcements!

Tools & Resources

ADA & Reasonable Accommodation Guidance
We can help you better understand ADA and what it means to your business.

Job Accommodation Network (JAN)
Find out more about this useful resource to hire and retain employees.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit
Learn more about a financial incentive that can help employers.

Small Business at Work Toolkit
Helping small businesses leverage the talents of people with disabilities courtesy of Northeast ADA

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