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Who We Serve

Individuals with Diabilities:

Vocational Rehabilitation provides services to any individual with a diagnosis with functional limitations (limits one or more activity of daily living) or disability that may benefit from our services to obtain, maintain, advance in, or to regain employment. Any individual can apply directly for services and do not require a referral to IDVR. Individuals interested in learning or applying for VR services may do so by contacting the local office in their area to request more information or to schedule an orientation or intake appointment. In order access IDVR services and support, all individuals must be meet the VR eligibility criteria.   

Students with Disabilities

Vocational Rehabilitation works with students with disabilities who require assistance to transition from school to employment. Vocational Rehabilitation maintains relationships with schools throughout the state to serve students needing this assistance. Any student can apply directly for services without referral from the school. These individuals must meet the VR eligibility criteria.

Businesses & Professional Organizations

The Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation offers an array of services to assist you in employing individuals with disabilities so that you can maintain a qualified, productive and diverse work environment. VR is interested in assisting you to be as profitable as possible by providing cost-effective assistance when issues arise.

Some of the services available to organizations include:

  • Accessibility Issues: VR can refer you to people who can assess the conditions which may create barriers to serving your clientele or employing your workforce. They can make recommendations for overcoming these barriers.
  • Job Placement Resource: VR identifies community job opportunities and assists employees with disabilities to enter or re-enter the workforce.
  • Qualified Job Applicant Referrals: VR provides training and counseling to thousands of individuals each year, preparing them for a myriad of jobs. VR counselors match the skills and abilities of potential employees to the specific requirements of your jobs. Qualified applicants are pre-screened to reduce your costs associated with recruitment and hiring.
  • On the Job Training: VR can reimburse you for additional training time that may be needed at your place of employment to assist referred individuals with learning the specific tasks of a particular job.
  • Job Coaching Services: Some employees need more individualized training than others. In these instances, VR can contract with job coaches to assist in getting your employees up to speed with specific job tasks.
  • Consultation on Disability Issues: Vocational Rehabilitation professionals are available to meet with you and your staff to answer your questions concerning employing people with disabilities including:
    “How can I integrate people with disabilities into my organization?”
    “How do I work with a person who has a disability?”
    “What does it cost to hire a person with a disability?”
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