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What is Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)?

VR is a state-federal program whose goal is to assist people with disabilities prepare for, secure, retain or regain employment.

If you have questions about VR services, please contact your local office to speak with someone, or read our FAQs page below.
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IDVR Frequently Asked Questions

Our Vision: An Idaho where all individuals with disabilities have the opportunity to participate in the workforce and employers value their contributions. Our Mission: To prepare individuals with disabilities for employment and career opportunities while meeting the needs of employers.

Our Successes

IDVR is a unique agency that helps individuals with disabilities take their place in the work force and in the community.
See our latest video VR Success Story:

To read the stories of eight customers who have benefited from our services as well as from the partnerships that IDVR has developed with other agencies and organizations, you can view IDVR's SRC Annual Report.

IDVR Annual Report

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Congratulations to all our successful customers!

Our Partner Agencies:

The Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (IDVR) works with numerous other agencies to enable customers to easily find the resources they need to join the workforce:

• IDVR State Rehabilitation Council (SRC)
• American Job Center Idaho (AJC)
• Idaho State Board of Education (SBOE)
• Idaho State Department of Education (SDE)
• Idaho Department of Labor (IDOL)
• Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (CDHH)
• Commission for the Blind & Visually Impaired (ICBVI)
• Idaho Career & Technical Education (CTE)
• Idaho Council on Developmental Disabilities (ICDD)
• State Independent Living Council (SILC)
• Live Better Idaho
• Your Health Idaho
• Able to Work Idaho
• Ticket to Work
Partner Agencies

ADA Coordinator

The ADA Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the efforts of IDVR to comply with Title II and investigating any complaints of violations therein.

Your ADA Coordinator:

Teresa Pitt
IDVR Central Office
650 W State Street
Room 150
Boise, ID 83720
Phone: (208) 334-3390

Division Administrator

Jane Donnellan
Central Office - Boise

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