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Other Services

To receive more information about how to access Other Pre-employment Transition Services, please contact the VR office in your region.

Career Exploration and Counseling

May include activities such as: discussions on in-demand occupations, nontraditional employment, administration of vocational interest inventory and results, career pathways, or local labor market information that applies to the student’s areas of interest.

Workplace Readiness Training

May include services to develop social skills and independent living skills necessary to prepare for eventual employment, including: communication and interpersonal skills, financial literacy, job-seeking skills and understanding employer expectations for punctuality and performance, other “soft” skills necessary for employment, or driver’s education training or training on how to use public transportation.

Idaho Parents Unlimited (IPUL)
A Work of Art Program

IPUL logo Youth with disabilities create an original piece of art under the guidance of a professional teaching artist. Students will collaboratively determine the type of visual art produced with the teaching artist. They will choose from photo mosaic interpretations of an organization’s products, word paintings using a generated word list of the client’s choice, or contemporary art utilizing the client’s materials or client portfolio samples.

(dates vary based on project)

Teacher taught Self-Advocacy Curriculum

Students will participate in a group lecture with other students and gain exposure to instruction in self-advocacy and work readiness training. Teachers will partner with Voc Rehab to provide this information to students.

(dates set by school district)

Idaho Career Mentoring Day (Formerly Disability Mentoring Day)

career mentoring day logo Students are matched with workplace mentors according to expressed career interests. Students experience a typical day on the job and learn how to prepare to enter the world of work.

Instruction in Self-Advocacy

This service will include working one on one with students or in a group setting in order to teach students about their rights and responsibilities, how to request accommodations or services and supports, communicate their thoughts, concerns, and needs in order to prepare them for peer mentoring opportunities with individuals working in their area of interest. Students can also participate in informational interviews.

Job Shadows

Students will work with VRC or CRP to identify potential areas of post- secondary career interest. Student will spend agreed upon length of time at places of interest to be set up by VRC or CRP. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions to employers within the related field of interest.

Work Based Learning Experiences

Services may include: in-school or after school paid or unpaid work experiences, apprenticeships, internships, short-term employment, on-the-job trainings located in the community, informational interviews, work-site tours, and mentoring.

Counseling on Post-Secondary Opportunities

May include counseling on opportunities for enrollment in comprehensive transition or postsecondary educational programs at institutions of higher learning, including: counseling on course offerings and career options, types of academic and occupational training needed to succeed in the workplace and postsecondary opportunities associated with career fields or pathways. Can also include advising students and parents or representatives on academic curricula, providing information about college application and admissions process, assistance with completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA),or providing resources that may be used to support individual student success (i.e., disability support services).
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