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VR Rights & Responsibilities

Customer Rights

  • IDVR services will be provided without regard to sex, race, color, creed, home of national origin, age, disabling condition or Veteran status.

    • Eligibility will be determined on the existence of several factors.
    • Options for writing the Individual Plan for employment (IPE) will be available.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Be an active and full partner in the VR process.
  • Comply with reasonable requirements and keep appointments.
  • Cooperate and follow through with plan for employment & achieve employment.
  • Notify counselor of any changes that may affect rehabilitation.
  • Apply for and utilize comparable benefits when available.
  • Participate financially as negotiated through financial needs assessment.
  • Understand that IDVR will not pay for good or services without prior approval in writing. Any debt incurred, without this approval, is customer’s responsibility.

Options in writing the Individual Plan for Employment (IPE)

  • With assistance from VR Counselors, or other resources, or without assistance from VR.
  • Be informed about Post Employment Services and closure decisions.
  • All IDVR information is confidential and can only be released with customer’s written permission, except for audits, mandated research efforts, law enforcement investigations, court subpoena, judicial order or other releases required by law or formal agreement.
  • Access information from customer’s file, unless not allowed by law.
  • Understand that customer has 10 days to file in writing, a request for an informal dispute resolution (administrative review), mediation.
  • The Client Assistance Program (CAP) has been explained and brochure received.
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