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State Rehabilitation Council

SRC Mission

Working on behalf of Idahoans with disabilities, the Idaho State Rehabilitation Council endeavors to provide consumers, service providers and others the opportunity to participate in constructive dialogue and public input to continually improve the quality of Vocational Rehabilitation services to residents of Idaho.

Role of the Idaho State Rehabilitation Council

The Idaho State Rehabilitation Council monitors the policies and practices of the Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (IDVR).

The Council can make recommendations to IDVR about eligibility, the scope and effectiveness of services provided and functions performed that affect the ability of individuals with disabilities to achieve rehabilitation goals.

The Council prepares and submits an annual report on the status of Vocational Rehabilitation programs in Idaho, and makes that report available to the public.

Click the Combined Annual Report image to see inside the 2023 edition. 

Combined Annual Report 2023

Historic Combined Annual Reports


The Council involves itself in various surveys and needs assessments. Some of these efforts are accomplished independently, and others collaboratively with IDVR. Some Council interests parallel Vocational Rehabilitation’s program evaluation activities, so joint research efforts are conducted. Employer attitudes, client satisfaction and staff perceptions of IDVR are a few of the inquiries that have been conducted.

If you wish to comment to us in writing, our address is:

Idaho State Rehabilitation Council
P.O. Box 83720
Boise, ID 83720-0096

You may contact the council secretary at: (208) 334-3390

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