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SRC Members

Council Chair

Tim Blonsky

Council Vice Chair:

Diana Colgrove

Disability Advocacy Group Representatives:

David “Max” Maxwell
Janice Carson
Tim Blonsky


Former Applicant or Recipient Representative:

Mark Reinhardt
Stephanie Taylor-Thompson

Community Rehabilitation Program Representative:

Danielle Larson

Client Assistance Program Representative:

Nancy Grant

Business/Industry & Labor Representatives:

Angie Tuft
Diana Colgrove
Jeff DeForest
Lucas Rose

Idaho’s Native American Tribe Representatives:

Ramona Medicine Horse

Parent Training & Information Center Representative:


State Independent Living Council Representative:

Jami Davis

State Department of Education Representative:

Randi Cole

Workforce Development Council Representative:


Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Representatives:

Ex-Officio: Kent Ireton, Pre-ETS VR Counselor
Ex-Officio: Vacant, Administrator
Ex-Officio: Vacant, General VR Counselor

Council Secretary:

Wendy Page, Management Assistant

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