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VR Service Programs

The Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation’s program goal is to assist Idahoan’s with disabilities to be successful in the workforce where employers value their contributions. IDVR can provide a variety of services to assist you to go to work and maintain your employment. All services are individualized and typically are within the five core service areas:

Vocational Counseling and Guidance: IDVR provides Vocational Counseling and Guidance as a core service that all individuals working with an IDVR counselor will gain. The purpose of this service is to address disability related barriers, assess compatibility of the vocational goal, and many other factors to assure that support provided by IDVR is appropriate and meets the needs of the individual to be successful within their vocational goals.

All Job Related services: IDVR provides services to assist with preparing for, securing, and maintaining advancement through various services depending on the goals and needs of the individual. Some examples of job related services include Job Readiness skill development, Job Search assistance, on or off site Short-term job supports, and long-term Job Coaching services.

All Medical Treatment Services: IDVR provides assistance with medical treatment services that are necessary to address the disability (or disabilities) to assure that you individuals are able to address their disability in a way that will allow them to be successful in obtaining or maintaining employment long-term.

Rehabilitation Technology: IDVR provides assistance to identify and address rehabilitation technology needs to assure that individuals have the technology needed to be successful in various aspects of working with VR to include while working to obtain or maintain employment.

All Training Related Services: IDVR assists individuals to gain appropriate training that is necessary to be a competitive applicant within their vocational goal. The type of training varies significantly based on the skills, abilities, and industry recognized training that is needed to be a competitive applicant in the vocation of interest. 

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