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Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Determinations

  • Documented physical or mental impairment (disability).
  • Substantial impediment (barrier) to employment.
  • Requires VR services to become employed.


    • SSI or SSDI recipients who intend to achieve an employment outcome.
    • A written eligibility determination within sixty (60) days unless customer agrees to an extension in writing.
    • Vocational Rehabilitation will provide an appropriate mode of communication.
    • Appropriate assistive technology for evaluation or services leading to employment.
    • Make meaningful and informed choices, during assessments, in the selection of employment outcomes, in services needed to achieve employment outcomes and on available services and vendors.

Customers full involvement in all decisions, including participation in writing rehabilitation plan, amendment or changes.

If I’m Eligible, then What?

You and your VR Counselor will discuss your abilities, limitations, interests, needs, transferable and other special work skills, and employment alternatives.

  • Aptitude or other tests may be secured, if necessary.
  • Together, you and your VR Counselor may choose an employment goal and develop an Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) to meet your goal.
  • You will be expected to complete the IPE and go to work.

The Vocational Rehabilitation Program is personalized in its approach – we provide you with individualized services required for you to gain employment.

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