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Central Office – Boise

central office - boise map

State administrative headquarters for all regions.

650 W. State St., Room 150
Boise, ID 83720
Phone: (208) 334-3390
Fax: (208) 334-5305


Jane Donnellan

Nanna Hanchett
Deputy Administrator 

MiKayla Monaghan
Business Relations Manager

Alison Lowenthal
Transition Manager

Caleb Tibbetts
Apprenticeship Counselor

Ryan Waddell
CRP Manager

Tracy Warren
Grants Contract Officer

Wendy Page
Management Assistant

Field Services

Darrell Quist
Field Services Chief 

Shannon Wilcox
VRC Senior Trainer 

Dayane Williams
Vocational Rehabilitation Assistant 

Human Resources

Robin Friehling
HR Specialist 

Gina Romano
HR Associate


Kean Miller
Fiscal Operations Manager 

John Davison
Business Analyst

Doug Miley
Senior Financial Specialist 

Janett Scott
Financial Specialist

Tami Helton
Financial Technician

Tracy Warren
Grants Contract Officer

Planning & Evaluation

Teresa Pitt
Planning & Evaluation Manager 

Matthew Markve
Program Evaluation Analyst 

Andrew Grey
Program Analyst 

Wendy Page
Management Assistant

Sharon Pilkinton
Program Specialist


Extended Employment Services has moved to the Department of Health and Welfare

(208) 332-7281


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