Success Stories

Antahn Brinegar

Antahn Brinegar This past summer, our 17yr old son, Antahn, participated in the VR sponsored Pre-Employment Transition Work Experience Program in Canyon County. He found a job working at the Nampa Public Library straightening books. He learned what he liked and what he didn’t like about this job and he made work acquaintances. As a result of his temporary job there, when Antahn goes to the Library he is recognized and greeted warmly by the Library staff who worked with him last summer and this makes his day–it makes him feel like he’s a part of the community. Thank you, Idaho Vocational Rehabilitation, for making this possible for Antahn.

Lausen Libbers

Lausen Libbers As a sophomore in high school, Lausen Libbers tried hard to find a job… but no one would hire him.

For all those applications I turned in the closest I came was one interview, but they didn’t hire me because I’d never worked before.

After enrolling with Vocational Rehabilitation, Lausen became enthusiastic about the possibility of getting some paid work experience during his upcoming summer. Vocational Rehabilitation worked with a local resource provider who found a restaurant that allowed Lausen to work there for several weeks.

That changed everything for me. I went from no job to being able to get a job after that because I could put down something on my application.

Lausen went from his restaurant learning experience straight to a blueberry farm last summer. This fall as a junior he obtained a job at a natural food store on his own where he now works on weekends. He is looking forward to this upcoming summer before he starts his senior year because now that he is eighteen, Voc Rehab can help him with a work based learning opportunity in a welding setting which is where he would like to work after graduation. Getting some basic exposure to the welding environment will help him decide whether that is truly the career for which he would like to train.