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Tools for Life

March 4-5, 2019

Tools for Life


June 1 - July 14, 2019

IESDB Work Camp & Paid Work Exp.

ISU Academy NexT

June 24-29, 2019

ISU Academy NexT (New and exciting Transitions) [Section 1]


June 10-14, 2019



June 16-21, 2019

Boise State University
PREP Academy


June 16-21, 2019


ISU Academy NexT

July 29 - August 02, 2019

ISU Academy NexT (New and exciting Transitions) [Section 2]

U of I


Vandal Summer Academy


Flexible Summer Dates

YMCA Camps


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Paid Summer Work Exp.

Pre-Employment Transition Services:

Pre-employment transition services provide opportunities for students with disabilities to learn through work and education. To receive more information about how to access Pre-Employment Transition Services, please contact the VR office in your region.

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The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is designed to help job seekers access employment, education, training, and support services to find good job. In 2014 the changes to WIOA set Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) on a new path. One of these changes requires VR agencies to provide "Pre-Employment Transition Services" to "Students with Disabilities." Pre-Employment Transition Services are services that VR and schools work together to provide.

Pre-employment Transition Services include:
• Job exploration counseling – the process that will help you to discover your interests and
  abilities and the world of work to help you make career and educational decisions. Work with
  a VR Counselor to investigate careers, and/or work with an employer to mentor you on
• Work based learning opportunities – the opportunity to gain work experience though paid or
  unpaid work in a community based setting.
• Counseling on post-secondary educational opportunities – the process of researching what
  post-secondary education is needed for specific careers and determining which institutions
  offer the programs you need to further your education.
• Workplace readiness training – services that will help you to learn the skills that you will
  need to be successful at work. This may include instruction in soft skills, communication,
  and/or independent living skills.
• Instruction in self-advocacy – the process of learning how to make informed decisions on
  your future and explain to other what you need to be successful on a job or in school.

Student with a disability is an individual in a secondary, postsecondary, or other recognized education program who:
• Is a student aged 15-21,
• Is eligible for, and receiving, special education or related services under part B of the
  Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and/or
• Is an individual with a disability, for purposes of section 504.

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Success Stories: More Success Stories

Lausen Libbers

Story by Lausen Libbers
January 12th, 2017

As a sophomore in high school, Lausen Libbers tried hard to find a job... but no one would hire him.

“For all those applications I turned in the closest I came was one interview, but they didn’t hire me because I’d never worked before”.

After enrolling with Vocational Rehabilitation, Lausen became enthusiastic about the possibility of getting some paid work experience during his upcoming summer. Vocational Rehabilitation worked with a local resource provider who found a restaurant that allowed Lausen to work there for several weeks.

“That changed everything for me. I went from no job to being able to get a job after that because I could put down something on my application.”

Lausen went from his restaurant learning experience straight to a blueberry farm last summer. This fall as a junior he obtained a job at a natural food store on his own where he now works on weekends. He is looking forward to this upcoming summer before he starts his senior year because now that he is eighteen, Voc Rehab can help him with a work based learning opportunity in a welding setting which is where he would like to work after graduation. Getting some basic exposure to the welding environment will help him decide whether that is truly the career for which he would like to train.

Tools & Links:

• Idaho Resources
High School students planning
• Job Exploration
Find the right career match
• Work Based Learning
Learning On-the-Job
• Post-secondary Websites
College Opportunities
• Work Readiness Training
Prepare for life as a workforce adult
• Self-Advocacy Websites
Advocate for college & career needs. Tools & Links

Other Services for Students:

• Idaho Parents Unlimited
• Career Mentoring
• Job Shadows
• Work Based Learning Experiences
• Career Exploration and Counseling
• Workplace Readiness Training
• Instruction in Self-Advocacy
• Counseling on Post-Secondary Opportunities

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