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Jane Donnellan
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Vocational Rehabilitation

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, agency of Idaho SBoE

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What VR Programs are offered?

Vocational Rehabilitation's primary goal is employment. Vocational Rehabilitation
provides individualized vocational guidance and counseling as well as other
services to assist people with disabilities to make informed choices concerning
their careers so that they can become successfully employed.

Mental Health

Vocational Rehabilitation works closely with the Department of Health and Welfare's Mental Health Program to provide services to individuals with severe
and persistent mental illness. Services are provided utilizing a team approach and
are focused on assisting the mental health clientele to work in the community.
Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) teams and Case Management Teams
have been established around the state and VR has placed counselors with
these teams to address employment issues.

Public Offenders

Vocational Rehabilitation is pro-active in assisting inmates with disabilities to transition into the community by developing a program to concentrate on this clientele. Utilizing a team approach, counselors work collaboratively with the client, the Department of Probation and Parole and medical or psychological experts to re-introduce the individual to the work world. The Division has gained a level of expertise that has resulted in a high success rate of individuals securing and maintaining employment, a savings in institutional costs and an overall net gain to the community.

Students with Disabilities

Vocational Rehabilitation works with students with disabilities who require assistance to transition from school to employment. Vocational Rehabilitation maintains relationships with schools throughout the state to serve students needing this assistance. Any student can apply directly for services without referral from the school. These individuals must meet the vocational rehabilitation eligibility criteria.