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The goal of ABILITY jobs is to enable people with disabilities to enhance their professional lives by providing a dedicated system for finding employment.

Able to Work Idaho:


(formerly known as the Idaho Association of Community Rehabilitation Programs) is a professional non-profit organization dedicated to assisting its membership in the provision of services to individuals who are disabled and disadvantaged.

Americans with Disabilities Act:

Information and guidance


(DBTAC Northwest)

Association of University Centers on Disabilities:

A network of interdisciplinary centers advancing policy and practice for and with individuals with developmental and other disabilities, their families and communities.


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Career & Technical Education

Center for Parent Information and Resources:

Central resource of information and products for the community of Parent Training Information (PTI) Centers and the Community Parent Resource Centers (CPRCs), so that they can focus their efforts on serving families of children with disabilities.

Client Assistance Program:

CO-AD Assisting people with disabilities to Protect, Promote, and advance their legal and human rights, through quality legal, individual, and system advocacy.

Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing:


Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification:


Consortium for Idahoans with Disabilities:

(CID) The Consortium for Idahoans with Disabilities or CID is a coalition of Idaho agencies and organizations concerned with issues affecting people with disabilities.

Council of State Administrators of VR:



Disability Business Technical Assistance Centers:

DBTAC Northwest, Established by Congress to serve business, state and local government and people with disabilities as they work together to meet the challenges of disability and its impact on society.


Equal Employment Opportunity Commission:

Offers general information regarding reasonable accommodation


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No Listing Available


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Job Accommodation Network:

(JAN) Provides information on job accommodations, entrepreneurship, and related subjects.


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No Listing Available


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Pathways 2 Success:

to provide information and resources to those working with young adults on employment and career development, this web portal of links related to self-determination and directed transition to careers has been created.

Postsecondary Education Programs Network:

PEPNET Advancing educational opportunities for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.


No Listing Available


Rehabilitation Services Administration

Online connection to Federal government disability related information and resources.


Social Security:

A summary guide to employment supports for individuals with disabilities under the Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income Programs

Plans to Achieve Self-Support:

Introduction and Overview of PASS plans

State Independent Living Council (SILC)

State Rehabilitation Council (SRC)


Ticket to Work:

The Ticket to Work Program provides most people receiving Social Security benefits (beneficiaries) more choices for receiving employment services.

Trade Schools: Preparing Students with Disabilities:

A complete guide to thriving in trade school and a career with a disability.

Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation

Shoshone Bannock Tribes

Coeur d'Alene Tribe

Nez Perce Tribe

Shoshone Paiute Tribes


Willing and Able

Work Incentives:

Special rules make it possible for people with disabilities receiving Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) to work and still receive monthly payments and Medicare or Medicaid. Social Security calls these rules "work incentives."

Work Opportunity Tax Credit:



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