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Idaho State Rehabilitation Council

Idaho State Rehabilitation Council


Working on behalf of Idahoans with disabilities, the Idaho State Rehabilitation Council endeavors to provide consumers, service providers and others the opportunity to participate in constructive dialogue and public input to continually improve the quality of Vocational Rehabilitation services to residents of Idaho.

Role of Idaho State Rehabilitation Council

The Idaho State Rehabilitation Council monitors the policies and practices of the Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (IDVR). The Council can make recommendations to IDVR about eligibility, the scope and effectiveness of services provided and functions performed that affect the ability of individuals with disabilities to achieve rehabilitation goals.

The Council prepares and submits an annual report on the status of Vocational Rehabilitation programs in Idaho, and makes that report available to the public.

Membership on the Council

Active SRC Members    Membership Brochure

Council members are volunteers appointed by the State Board of Education for three year terms. The Council is comprised of representatives from the following groups:

· Workforce Development Council
· Special Education, Department of Education
· Current or former recipients of services from IDVR
· Business, Industry and Labor
· Disability Advocacy Groups
· Community Rehabilitation Programs
· The Client Assistance Program
· Idaho Parents Unlimited
· Rehabilitation Counselors
· Native American Representative
· The Administrator of IDVR is an ex-officio member

The majority of Council members are individuals with disabilities, and diversity is valued. Nominations are accepted at any time; please email IDVR for more information at: jacque.truax@vr.idaho.gov. Service on the Council provides a unique opportunity to engage in the dialogue on Vocational Rehabilitation services at the state level.

State and Strategic Plans

The Council participates in disseminating IDVR's draft State and Strategic Plans and soliciting comments on those plans. The Council prepares written recommendations for the Plans and coordinates with IDVR during the planning process.


The Council convenes publicly at least four times a year in such places as it determines to be suitable to conduct Council business and conduct such forums or hearings as the Council considers appropriate. The meetings, hearings and forums shall be publicly announced. The meetings shall be open and accessible to the general public unless there is a valid reason for an executive session.

2017 Meeting Dates:
Boise – January 25
Boise – May 4
TBD - July 19
Boise – October 12*

* - tentative date. Will occur in conjuction with the annual In-Service in Boise.

If you require alternative formats, material may be available by request ten days prior to the scheduled meeting.


The Council involves itself in various surveys and needs assessments. Some of these efforts are accomplished independently, and others collaboratively with IDVR. Some Council interests parallel Vocational Rehabilitation's program evaluation activities, so joint research efforts are conducted. Employer attitudes, client satisfaction and staff perceptions of IDVR are a few of the inquiries that have been conducted.
If you wish to comment to us in writing, our address is P.O. Box 83720, Boise, ID 83720-0096.
You may also call us at (208) 287-6443 or email jacque.truax@vr.idaho.gov.